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How to end Self-Sabotage, Self-Doubt and Indecision

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Beloved Intuitive Feeler and fellow Light-worker,


Truly I do.

Because I AM You.

Our feelings are easily hurt. We give away our power by allowing our self worth and our value to be based on what other people think of us and treat us. As an empath and highly sensitive being...that is excruciatingly painful.

We came here to be compassionate, empathetic, POWERFUL BEINGS of unconditional love...with everyone and in every (and all) situations -especially the difficult ones.

What gets in the way of that is how we truly feel about ourselves and what we have been conditioned to BELIEVE about ourselves. If you grew up in an environment where you were taught to believe you are not worthy of aren't alone - so did I.

So I am here to help you re-discover and re-member who you really are. To help you get back in touch with the divine Being you ARE to such an extent that what other people think about you won't matter anymore.

To truly LOVE yourself means you aren't putting that expectation on anyone else to do it for you...It's your job to love you no one elses!

I work with people who no matter how hard they try to make other people love them, no matter how hard they try to please others, they still feel empty, unworthy and unloved. Even when they are "perfect" and they knock themselves out trying to be perfect in the eyes of others, they still feel unworthy.

I have felt this way most of my life and now I can happily say I don't anymore. I have mastered this in myself because I've been working at it for so long...I truly am head over heels in love with myself...which has completely changed my life because I no longer require anyone else to love me.

Now, it's a beautiful thing when they do because my "need" for them to love me no longer exists - AND when others' "love me" that is simply my own self love reflected back to me through their self-love. This is true freedom and what it means to ACCESS YOUR (true) POWER.

Your Real Power is your own SELF LOVE 

And now I want to help you master this within yourself so you can help those you are meant to support.

If you feel called to do some deep work together, I invite you to apply for a conversation with me by clicking the "work with me" tab above and select "30 minute consultation". Together, we will strategically lay out what it means for you to Access Your Power once and for all.

Let me end by saying I love you, I am here for you, you are magnificent and you are never alone.

All my love,


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