My Story...

We are more alike than you probably know. If you are like me, life has been a struggle, its been painful and downright unbearable at times.

You may feel as I've an alien, like you don't fit in, you know you are here for a reason but aren't sure yet what that is...and its super frustrating to not know!

You may feel as though life just seems to get worse and there is no end in sight to the pain, the frustration, the confusion and the "morning dread". You have a deep desire to help others but you don't know how to do this and recognize you probably need to help yourself before you can help anyone else.

If you are thinking and feeling these things...I really get it! So the good news is that you ARE me. And you are not alone, I know how to move out of this and can help you if you decide it's right for you.

A little about my background...I grew up in Maryland, out in the suburbs of the Washington DC Metro area. I am one of 6 kids, my parents had a huge age difference and were not exactly "in love". They fought a lot, mostly about money, and my Dad was an angry and very "harsh" energy to be around and I would hide from him and spend time with my Mom in the kitchen baking.

This is how I came to find peace, healing and "escape" during my childhood, in baking...and later became a pastry chef! While I love this creative outlet, its more of a hobby now and mostly "healthy baking".

My Soul was crying out for MUCH more...which led me here to create this community.

My soul has a DEEP calling to support and help heal intuitive, empathic women who are READY to END the suffering, END the confusion and STEP fully into their divine mission and purpose without delay...

READY to make a BIG difference and a living doing what they love so their second half of life is far more fulfilling and joyful than the first half!

I want to support you if you looking for a mentor who knows how to get out of the suffering, heal the wounds at your core, and get crystal clear about your soul's purpose, calling and Divine Mission. If you want to help others with your gifts...take the next step now. I'm here for you!

I'm truly honored to be on this journey with you.

All my love,

About Connie...


Connie Nash is an internationally recognized Spiritual Teacher, Mentor and Empathic/Intuitive Healer. She “Helps Healers Heal Themselves” and is the Founder of Align with Love and “The Empath’s Path™ The Empath’s Journey of Empowerment Through Healing, Transformation and Enlightenment." 

She loves to help intuitive, empathic women breakthrough fear, self-doubt and self-sabotage so they can understand themselves, their gifts, and what their soul came here to do in this lifetime, knowing they came here to make a difference and a living doing what they love.

Connie helps them heal at their core, their inner child core wound where all pain originates and becomes "activated" and repeated throughout adulthood, and teaches them how to understand themselves, their gifts and their purpose at much deeper levels and how to transmute and transmit energy as an Empath so they can enjoy being in the world as a Sensitive and finally have the life they want and experience a "dominate state" of happiness, peace and joy.

Her work is foundational to achieving inner peace and freedom from suffering by healing the grieving inner child and re-integrating the divine child with the soul, restoring wholeness, peace and clarity. She uses very specific processes that enable her to bring the unconscious wounds of those she helps into the light of consciousness for healing and transmutation which erodes and dissolves self-sabotage, self-doubt and the need to "numb out".

Connie’s journey of awakening to her intuitive and empathic gifts began more than 20 years ago where she “rescued herself from her deepest pain”. As a result of her own deep healing and transformation work, as well as working with private clients from all over the world, she successfully facilitates many life-changing transformations for her clients, including removing the “black cloud” that had been following them and the undercurrent of sadness.

Connie has had the honor to speak alongside such luminaries as Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman, Joseph Rubino, Morgana Rae, Ken W. Stone, Kaarin Alisa and many others.

She currently works with clients in private session and in groups and also leads private retreats in Northern California where she currently resides. She is also available for speaking and facilitations so please contact her for invitations to speak at your event! connie at connienash (dot) com.