Fast Forward To Living The Life You Want Now!

"Give me an hour and I'll help you breakthrough the blocks that have been keeping you stuck and unable to move forward in your life..."

Beautiful Light-Worker,

Do you feel...

  • Overwhelmed, confused, sad and even depressed
  • Like you can't take any more suffering and it or your life has to end
  • A deep desire to make a difference and help others
  • Dread mornings and having to repeat another painful day in a job you hate
  • Really ready for a BIG change and are fed up with pain and needless suffering

And You are Ready to Do Something About it so you can...

  • Feel Clear, Inspired, Energized and Happy (without a reason to be)
  • Re-claim your Power, Your life and your own Destiny
  • Understand, Develop and Use your Gifts to Help Others
  • Look Forward to Morning with Eager Anticipation and JOY
  • Decide, Commit and Take Inspired Daily Action to Create (and LIVE) the Life You Want Now!

Then Come With Me...


And You will...

  • Get Crystal Clear about what the "Life You Want" looks like
  • Identify What you want to Do, Who You Want to Help and How you want to use your Gifts
  • Identify and Shift what's stopping you now from LIVING the life you WANT
  • Uncover some of the Hidden Beliefs creating challenges and obstacles to your happiness
  • Create a workable Plan to put you on the path to get you where you want to be
  • Establish a desired timetable with milestones and accountability of your choosing

I'm Ready For Change...


And I'm DONE with Pain and Suffering!

YES! Sign me up for a 60-Minute

Fast Forward To Living The Life I Want Session

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Melissa Krestensen

Connie is a blessing and helped me surface deep emotions and patterns so I could heal and transform into my true self. No matter what happens now I know that I will be ok, the black cloud that once followed me has gone. Connie, you have been amazing! You’ve helped me beyond words. I can’t thank you enough! You made me feel so safe and loved through out the whole process, from day 1. I’m truly grateful that we found each other, you’ve been a blessing in my life and it’s flowed through to my family xxx.

Melissa Krestensen Melissa Krestensen Life Coaching
Patricia Mulligan

Connie Nash is the epitome of love and light. She is a fantastic intuitive coach who has a true connection and bond with the Universe that I desire to have in my life.  I have come so far so fast in just the short four months that I have worked with Connie and I still get excited and look forward to our call every week.  When I decided to hire Connie as my coach I had been laid off from a job I had been in for 14 years and I never expected that they could survive without me.  Connie helped me to see the blessing in this life change and that the Universe had much bigger and better opportunities lined up for me.  The work we did together was not always easy but well worth the effort.  You, Connie, have been my best investment to date in my 51 years. I wasn’t sure that I could afford to invest in coaching but I now know that I couldn’t afford not to.  You are integrity-driven, loving and sincere in your coaching. You truly want to see your clients succeed, overcome fears and step into their mission. The process of the 5 P’s takes time and energy and it is all about enjoying and loving the journey. I am so impressed with how you never give anything less than your best and you have always delivered on your promises. To you I wish an abundant, successful and financially free life.  I was divinely guided to work with Connie and she is my guardian Angel. With many thanks and much love!

Patricia Mulligan Miami, Florida
Holly Tucciarella

Dear Connie, I wanted to take a minute to tell you how appreciative and grateful I am to have found you! Your techniques to heal emotional childhood traumas have been life changing. I now feel unstuck, present, and able to connect with my true feelings. I have the confidence to take back my power and become the goddess I was meant to be. I understand that this is a lifelong journey but with the tools you provided me I now have the capability to identify and release on my own every single day. A thank you does not seem to be nearly enough but I am forever thankful to you for all of your help!

Holly Tucciarella Forrest Hill, Maryland

Your Time is NOW...

Yup...I'm DONE procrastinating

And I am Ready to

Make a Decision, a Commitment, and CIA

(Consistent Inspired Action)


Plus Receive All The Awesome Bonuses!


What I know for Sure...

The Law of Attraction will always bring you what you "ask" for in your vibration. It responds to the DECISIONS you make. Whether they are conscious or unconscious. The clearer, firmer, and more passionate your decisions are, the greater the response you receive from the Universe will be. It has nothing to do with what you deserve. It is simply law. If you don't make a firm decision from the highest will of your soul, and are "wishy washy", the Universe can only send you back a "wishy washy" response.

Take a stand for yourself as I take a stand for you and urge you lovingly to start with a decision. It doesn't have to be with me, just decide to take action in the direction of your heart and the beautiful, compassionate and infinitely WISE Universe, in all of her glory will provide every resource you need to put it into committed, inspired, daily action.

All My Love,

Transformational Happiness and Soul Purpose Mentor for Empathic and Intuive Women